The Wisdom of Menopause

As Dr. Northrup has championed, “the change” is not simply a collection of physical symptoms to be “fixed,” but a mind-body revolution that brings the greatest opportunity for growth since adolescence. The choices a woman makes now-from the quality of her relationships to the quality of her diet-have the power to secure vibrant health and […]

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Dr. Christiane Northrup, acclaimed author and pioneer in the field of women’s health, now helps you transform the relationship you have with your body. When it was first published in 1994, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom quickly became an international bestseller, and for the past fifteen years it has remained the veritable bible of women’s health. […]

Mother-Daughter Wisdom

Mother-Daughter Wisdom discusses the familial bonds that shape our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. It introduces an entirely new map of female development, built around the powerful metaphor of life as a house with many rooms. Dr. Northrup also shares her “Five Facets of Feminine Power,” which are revisited during each stage of development. […]